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Cloning just bare genes isn't very difficult. All you have to do is design a primer, perform PCR, and then insert into electrocomponent. After this you can have a real clone! It does take up to a few weeks but it is worth it.

Cloning. What is it? How can it help us?

Cloning was first tried back in 1952 when Robert Briggs and Thomas King claim to have replaced eggs with cells from tadpoles. In 1984 a fish is cloned. In 1997 Dolly the Sheep makes her appearance as the first cloned animal. Many more cloning activites come after this.

SCNT ( Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer) is a process of cloning where you take somatic cells in an organism and transfer them to a egg cell. It is them stimulated to start to grow.

What is cloning:Cloning is taking a organisms genes and making an exact copy to be replicated and re-grown.

Cloning organisms is much more difficult because it requires you to aqquire DNA from the adult specimen and insert it into an a-nucleated egg and then stimulate the egg to think it has developed so it will start to grow.

Cloning has had many different myths that have come and go with the time that it has been around. 1. Instant Clones. When a clone is made it goes through the same life cycle you did. It doesent just appear there at the same age. This is a common misconception with cloning and no, you can't make a clone to deal with the hardships of your life any time soon.2. Carbon Copying. No you cant make a exact copy and have them be exactly the same as the orginal. They will be different. Different traits, different feelings, different reactions to things. Different everything. They may be genetically the same, but that doesen't mean they will act that way.3. New technology. Cloning is not a new technology. Its been around since about 1952, when Robet Briggs and Thomas King claimed to clone frogs. That is however, there is still much much more to learn about cloning. We are in the early stages still. We have much to expierence as of 2015.

Artifical Embryo Twinning is a type of cloning. It is where twinning is mimiked like in nature. The embryos split very early and they are then seperated in different petri dishes to grow identically. They are then placed in a surrogate mother to be finalized with their grown process.

Cloning can help us in a number of ways. We can save the DNA of pets to make them be the same as they were before. We can bring back extinct speices. We can have anomolies like twins in nature be produced expectedly. The options to use cloning for are limitless.


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