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SCNT -- Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer

Methods of cloning


Artificial Embryo Twinning

What is it?


Cloning started back in the 50's. However, these attempts failed. The first successful clone was in around 1984 when a lamb was cloned and lived.

Cloning is the process of replicating a organism exactly. To the point that the two are genetic copies.

The two main types of cloning are as follows:SCNT - Somatic Cell Nuclear TransferArtificial Embryo Twinning

SCNT or Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, is the process of taking a egg cell and removing it's nucleus and replacing it with the nucleus of a somatic body cell

Artificial Embryo Twinning is the process of splitting a embryo while it is still a single cell. This is similar to the way in which twins are formed.

1. Clones aren't instant.Clones take time to grow. The same amount of time that a normal human does.2. Cloning isn't always artificialIt sometimes REQUIRES a natural mother.3. Cloning isn't newIt's been around for more than 60 years.4. Cloning an organism isn't as simple as cloning a gene.Cloning an organism requires much more effort and work

Why Clone

Medicine: Researchers can use clones to study a genetic disorder that they have a sample of DNA ofLivestock: Cloning livestock can help with breeding if you want to keep a specific gene like one that would cause a cow to produce more milk



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