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How does cloning affect its host?Well it really doesn't, the only thing cloning affects is the clone (besides the host giving birth). The reason the only thing affected is the clone is because when you clone you just take the DNA out of one cell and put it in a blank egg so the only that happens is the cells get to multiply and the clone is born. Clones are almost always not an EXACT copy because most of the time environmental factors sway how the animal looks and acts (depending on how it was raised)

I) How long does the adveratge clone live?II) How does cloning take place?III) Will cloning a rat be easier then cloning a sheep?

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Cloning takes place when you take the DNA from an older animal and use it in a blank egg of a live animal so the "host" animal.

Most clones are not affected by cloning the only thing that is affected is somtimes the cells are older then the animal then you'll get a problem

No, clonig a rat is much harder then cloning a sheep because when you take the DNA out of a rat the cells take less then a half hour to divid.(no time to transplant)

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