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Cloning...The Peanut Butter to a Scientists Jelly

A Model of DNA

Facts About Cloning-The Ibex has gone extinct twice because it died out a few years after it was cloned.-Banana's can no longer reproduce on their own becuase at one point in time, all the banana's that were existing were clones.-The first large mammal cloned was a sheep named after Dolly Parton..-Every Navel Orange in existance today and in the future is a clone.-As many people know, cloning may come with mutations. One mutation made a dog glow in the dark.-Snuppy was the first cloned dog in 2005 and although is a living creature, was named TIME's invention of the year.-According to Oracle, our DNA is 99.9% identical to all other members of the human race.-Oracle also says that a calf was cloned from a slide of beef.-Hypothetically, you could mix a chain of human DNA with rat DNA to create a race of, "ratmen".-A goat was cloned with spider silk protein so that spider silk can be extracted from the milk.-Cloning is actually animal cruelty because animals lives are wasted 95% of the time on unsuccessful tests.

Dolly the Sheep was named after Dolly Parton

Jurassic Park was an example of how Cloning influenced Pop culture

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The purpose of this text was to:- inform the reader- discuss the pros and cons of cloning



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