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By: Samantha Ruiz

Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. This means that every single bit of DNA is the same between the two!

What is cloning ?

Cloning is when you make an identical copy of something. They remove the nucleus, and put it into another Zygote and the species gets cloned. Cloning works by separating a nucleus into two individual parts. These parts then grow separately, coming from the same origin. This is done using stem cells or embryos.

What is cloning ?

The advantages to cloning

some of the advantages to cloning are,Organ Replacement, substituting for natural reproduction, help in genetic research, and obtaining specific traits in an organism.

Some of the disadvantages of cloning are, Detrimental to Genetic Diversity, Invitation to Malpractices,

The disadvantages of cloning

My opinion on cloning.

My opinion on cloning is that it is good and bad. it can be helpful and weird. You can use cloning for medical reasons if you need an oran nobody else has or for blood. It can be helpful for yourself and also other people. cloning can be bad though because it can be unhealthy for the person that it being cloned and for the person that they are cloning. If there is any bad medical history in a family it could show up in the clone and it wouldn't be good.If you lose someone in your life that was a big part. you could clone them to atleast see the person and talk to them, they would not be the exact person but you would get the same feeling. But it would be weird talking to a person that looks like the person that you lost.



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