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Clockwork Angel

Year: 1878Month: April- sometime late summer to the middle of autum from what I can gatherPlace: London, England


Author: Cassandra Clare

Book report

Name: Anna Beckman Date: September 12th - October 10th 2014

The first main event is Tessa ariving in England in April, then we go to about 6 weeks later when she has learned about her power to shapeshift into other people and tap into their thoughts. Will is introduced as a charecter next as he helps Tessa escape the Dark House of as she called it Hell. Then we learn that she is safe in the institute and they will help her find her older brother Nate. They also discover a plot that the Magister otherwise known as De Quincy according to Mortmain is the Magister and is drinking innocent peoples blood, also De Quincy is a vampire so it makes sense. Well anyway the next event is Camile Belcourt vists the Institute and helps the Enclave get rid of De Quincy. However when they think that De Quincy on the night of the full moon the real Magister sneaks into the Institute he tries to take Tessa away from the Institute but Tessa tries to commit "suicide" to save the others but since she has the powers to change her form into another person she changed into a woman that died due to a gunshot wound to the heart and Tessa lived and was allowed to stay at the Institute.

Main Events

Tessa Gray main point of view and dynamic characterJames "Jem" Cairstairs round character and gives point of view for a chapterWilliam "Will" Herondale round character and gives point of view during main story and prolougeMagnus Bane flat character and gave his point of view only for the epilougeCamille Belcourt flat characterCharlotte and Henry Branwell flat charactersJessamine Flat characterNathaniel "Nate" Gray round character when you think about his time in the story.Axel Mortramain round characterGabriel, and Benidict Lightwood are flat characters.


Title: Clockwork Angel


Conclusion/ Theme

Do you like the book?

External Conflicts: Tessa vs the Dark Sisters, Tessa vs the Magister, Tessa vs DeQuincy, Will vs the Magister, Camille vs DeQuincy, Will and Jem vs the Dark Sisters, Clave vs Charrlotte.Internal Conflicts: When Charrlotte has to decide wether Tessa can stay at the Institue, When Tessa has to decide if she can trust the Unclave, and When Tessa has to face the Magister and what she could do to live.

This book left me on a cliffhanger so this book has no real conclusion when I think about it. Since the only thing I think the conclusion was for this book is that Tessa was able to stay at the insitute and help the Unclave trying to stop the Magister. The theme is that it is harder to trust people when you don't know much about them and that good friends can help you out of very bad situations.

Yes, this book was a good way to start off a trilology and it introduced a good cast of characters and left you on a cliff hanger to read the next book in the series which is titled the Clockwork Prince and Cassandra Clare is one of my favorite authors due to this series, and the Mortal Instrements series this also helps you to understand some of the happenings in the final book of the Mortal Instrements City of Heavenly Fire.

Clockwork Angel Infernal Decives Book One

Tessa Gray (Middle) Jem Cairstairs (left) Will Herondale (right) What people drew them like or how the book made them think they looked like this


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