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Six Steps to Motivation & Engagement

1. Caring Classroom Community2. Checking In and Checking Out3. Choice4. Collaboration5. Challenge6. Celebration

1. Kids need a safe place to learn, where they are known by the teacher, the "warm demander" and other students.

4. Relationships are important to us all, so learning collaboratively can be very effective, though students need to be aware of what works and what is a mere distraction.

2. Assessment need not be a dirty word -especially if it's a verb. Teachers who do assessment WITH their students rather than TO them, help to create motivated learners.

6. Plan for celebrations, large and small, to reinforce the behaviors and attitudes you want to be repreated.

3. Give student control of their learning by giving them choice which is intentional and scaffolded.

5. Finding the perfect "medium challenge" helps stretch learners to extend their reach without them falling into the hopelessness of "I can't do this, so I won't even try".

* Easy-to-read mix of research seasoned with examples of the principles drawn from real classroom teachers' experience* Across the curriculum examples and applications * Further reading list at the end of each chapter * Practical tips and tricks for each strategy * Ready-to-copy handouts


Eulea Kiraly July 2010


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