Climate Change

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Climate Change

Climate ChangeBy Sophia Santamaria

Climate change is impacting people and places all around the world!

Help me stop Climate Change!

Climate Change is hurting the Earth

Climate change affects many places

In Antarctica species there like peguins and polar bears are being affected by climate change. The temperatures are rising and ice in the water is melting. The animals there are losing their habitats. Also the perma-frost which is like soil that stays frozen is emitting greenhouse gases and that is bad for the environment.

Climate change is affecting places in the world by temperatures rising, patterns that are changing from rain, and droughts, meltings of lakes and so much more. Greenhouse gases are just one cause of this terrible thing. It is affecting many places! I personally think that we should help make this world a cleaner and healthier place.

In Northeastern Siberia, Russia is home to many lakes. Many of the lakes contain methane. Climate Change is affecting Russia because it is melting the lakes and methane is going into the atmosphere, plus it can rise to the exterior of the lake and it will soon become very flammable.

In Australia there are extremely hot condtions. climate change is causing this. Since there are such hot conditions it affects the amount of bush fires and many more have happened since the temperatures have rised. And socially, economically this isn't good for Australia.

In Piedmont, North Carolina poison ivy grows a lot there. But in that town the carbon dioxide levels are rising and scientist expect for the poison ivy to become more toxic and grow faster than before.

Sadly climate change doesn't just affect people who are near it. It can affect anyone, anywhere. It can even affect us here in Maine which is scary to think about because once all places were beautiful but then they got destroyed by climate change.

An example of how climate change can affect from far away is if a glacier melted it would affect rivers that were connected and people who live near the water because the sea level would rise and it could eventually kill people.

Also if there was a drought people could migrate to another place to find jobs, food, water, and all the things that help you live. Sometimes migration isn't the best thing.

The warmer climates can impact people from different regions and places because it can travel through the air and could melt snow mountains and some sources could come from there.

With changes in climate it can affect agriculture and farming. This affects people from all around the world because a lot of countires import and exports food and some countires might not be able to get food because of the climate.

I personally think that people that have lower incomes or not the most amount of money have to deal with climate change the most. Droughts, pollution, and many more impact there lives more than wealthier people because the low income people count on regional or local necessitites like water, food, etc. The climate change impacts those the most and people can lose them easily. Wealthier people have it easier for them becuase they have technology and many other things to help them be safe from it! Examples are below on how low income people have it harder than the wealthy.

Kids suffer from not having food. This is called Malnutrition, this is because of the lack of food that these people can get because either they can't afford it or climate change destroyed the food.

Desertification is where the water is not available. It reduces freshwater plus rising sea levels which can make people leave their homes and find a new place which will be very hard.

Diseases like malaria have impacted these low income countries. A huge factor is also deaths from the heat

Low income people have a smaller carbon footprint which is really good! It is because they use less energy from home and when they have to go places!

I believe that there are many ways to prevent and adapt to climate change! First you should see what your carbon footprint is! That would help. Examples below and to the left on how you can adapt and prevent climate change! You can use less energy in home and when you travel, that's a tip.

Bike to get to places!

Use energy efficient tools!Also renewable resources like hydro power, wind power, etc.

Reuse, reduce, and recycling is a great way too!

You can get food from a local farmers market, eat organic.

People adapt by using there energy wisley like spending more on electric billsto keep warm & cool.


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