Climate change

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Climate change

By Bobby Lane and Kevin Mckenney

Climate Change

Climate Change might affect different locations differently because, in Claifornia, or Texas it is affecting the people and animals because of the drought. Jobs are getting taken away, farmers are losing money and crops because they do not have enough water to survive.But in Indoneisa they are burning trees and peat. The peat is burnig and letting off tons of CO2 and as an affect of that people are dieing. They are dieing because the peat can burn for years and all of that smoke is bad for the people.The econmic industrie is getting affected too because the countries or states that have droughts or the peat is burning might make less or more money depending on where it is and what is happpening.

Climate change might be in Texas but affect people in Colorado because, if there is a drought the fisherman can't fish. If they can't fish they won't get the fish to sell to countries or states that don't have water and can't get fish. When that happens the economy goes down in those countries and states.

Low-income countries are affected by climate change more than high income countries is because they don't make as many CO2 emmissions as high-income countries do. In the United States we produce five-hundred million tons of CO2 while in Bangledesh produces 35,100 tons of CO2.

If people ride their bike or walk to school or work CO2 emissions would go down as well as eating healthier or organic food. After you leave a room remember to turn the lights out so you don't use as much electricity. One person can't reduce CO2 emisions just one at a time.


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