Climate Change

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Weather and Climate

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Climate Change

Fast FactsClimate change is the change of the climate patterns that occur in the World. A particular change that started around the mid to late 20th century and is ongoing attributed greatly to level of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The atmospheric carbon dioxide is usually produced by the burning of fossil fuels.

Climate Change

Who Will Be The Most Affected?Climate change affects every human and animal in the world, but a particular group it will affect greatly is children in developing countries. They will be greatly affected by climate change because they are the ones who will have to put up with the consequences the most. Considering they already have very harsh living conditions, their future will be even worse.

How to Help Reduce Climate ChangeRiding a bike or walking home from school can help to prevent climate change because using transport means more fossil fuels are burnt.Other ways are:- Be energy efficient- Limit your waste- Choose renewable energy


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