Climate Change

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Climate Change

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In what ways does climate change affect different locations differently?



How can climate change effects in one location have an impact on people or places far away?

How and why are low-income populations affected by climate change to a greater degree than higher-income populations?

They get most of their resources from local sources, which they rely heavily on for water and food, which are vulnerable to climate change. They also tend to have less access to resources. They also have much less options for dealing with the effects of climate change.

For example, what's happening in California is not the same as what's happening in the North Pole. In the North Pole, all of the ice is melting at exceeding rates. In California, the water that is already there is drying up. Another example is the South Pacific, the turtles, in which rising temperatures cause the turtles not to hatch, lowering the population. All of these places react differently.

We could use less energy, or we could make more environmentally-friendly choices and things- like walking to school, carpooling, biking, using cars with better gas mileage, heating your home with solar power, and even more. Some strategies for adapting to climate change are moving to colder places, and we could also get used to the heat, though I would much prefer if we prevented instead of getting used to climate change.

What is one strategy for people to adapt to and/or prevent climate change?

Climate change effects in one location can definitely have an impact on people or places far away! For example, the melting ice caps in Antarctica and the North pole are making the water level rise. This makes more flooding in many places.


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