Climate Change

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Environmental Studies

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Climate Change

Signs/Effects of Climate Change

Greenhouse gases:Carbon Dioxide (C02)- comes from the photosynthesis of plants.Methane (CH4)- forms by anaerobic decay of organic matter and reworked methane from deep under the Earth's surface.Nitrous Oxide (N20)- is emitted by bacteria in soils and ocean.

Climate Changing Project

By: Youngrok Chae and Karli Vandegrift

Credit to: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Ways to Decrease Carbon Footprint:-Buy more local produce and services-Buy more in season products-Eat one less serving of meat a week(use cheese as alternative)-Buy food in bulk and package it yourself to reduce plastic-Limit shopping trips-Use more public transportation to reduce of emissions

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Calculation of Ecological Footprint (Karli):House-2.49 metric tons of CO2eFlights-0 metric tons of CO2eCar-0.89 metric tons of CO2e

Car-0.89 metric tons CO2eMotorbike-0 metric tons of CO2eBus and Rail-0.15 metric tons CO2e

Secondary-5.51 metric tons of CO2eTotal-9.04 metric tons of CO2e

Car- 2.20 metric tons of CO2eMotorike- 0 metric tons of CO2eBus & Rail- 0 metrictons of CO2e

(Young):House- 4.63 metric tons of CO2eFlights- 0 metric tons of CO2e

Secondary- 4.37 metric tons of CO2eTotal- 11.20 metric tons of CO2e


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