Climate Change Stakeholders

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Weather and Climate

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Climate Change Stakeholders

Key factsClimate change has two types of stakeholders:1) Government&2) Non-GovernmentEach has their own agendas, and usually excludes the invested interest in the opposition of each other. Finding stakeholders in Climate Change can be very challenging as both sides have supportive and negative influences, but the key to finding reliable sources is from academic literature, and scholarly journals.

Climate Change- Stakeholders

Searching for scholarly articles and journals is often challenging. Use Google Scholar to search for Naomi Klein, and find her interview from Sept 4th 2015. Google Scholar will only look at credible sources for information, unlike wikipedia which will take information from any resource. Don't forget to reference where you take your quotes from, and make sure you add any entries into your bibliography.

Naomi Klein: Climate Change and Capitalism

Global Environmental DisastersHurricane Katrina was one of the first major events in world history with a direct link to climate change.This was the first time the US recognised that climate change was indeed occuring, and took action to begin to advance policies that would support adaptation to climate change.

CSIRO- Survey 2014

Non-Government Organisations (NGO) StakeholdersNaomi Klein is an independant journalist who compares and contrasts Climate Change to Capitalism. Once you have found her interview, find the time slots on the though bubbles, and listen to the excerpts, and take notes on her responses. write some notes for yourself on your own opinion of her answers.

There are many stakeholders invested in climate change

Global Warming

Stakeholders have a scoial, economical, political, or financial investment in climate change

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