Climate Change on Weather

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Weather and Climate

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Climate Change on Weather

Main Weather affected by Climate Change:Droughts, Floods, Hurricanes, Tornados, Land Slides, Increase in temperature.

Hurricanes are happening more frequently and are even stronger now than they used to be. There is a 40% increase in North Atlantic tropical storms over the historic maximum of the mid-1950, which at the time was considered extreme.

With the increase in temperature there will be more droughts in areas of the world that need water severely, but also the ice near the poles is melting which will result in floods in many cities near the oceans. Sea levels will rise by 1-4 feet by 2100.

Three Pillars

Climate Change



Three Pillars Enviromental:Severe weather storms change the landscape of the land the weather effects Social:Familys and many species are forced to relocate whenever severe weather happens. Example Hurricane Katrina Economic:Severe weather usually results in major damages to cities. Example Hurricane Katrina caused at least $125 billion in damages.


Termperature Increase

The increase in weather temeperature may not seem that important since it has only increased by 1 degree Fahrenheit in the 20th century but it truely does make a huge difference. The increase makes more melting in the artic happen which will increase the ocean level and result in more flooding.

Increase In Temperature

What creates more extreme weather?Carbon dioxide (CO2) from cars, industries and power plants trap heat near the earth's surface. More heat means more energy. Adding so much energy to the atmosphere creates the potential for more extremes storms

The reason

Rain Soaked Soils are prone to slipping which results in landslides and with heavy rain fall in some areas due to climate change these areas are more likely to have a landslide.

Land Slides


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