Climate Change and Sonoran Desert Plants

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Climate Change and Sonoran Desert Plants

A drier climate is causing desert plants that are more winter-tolerant to survive better, because they can story water more efficiently. Less effective water storing plants will decline in population.

In response to less water, dominant desert shrub like the triangle leaf bursage will shrink in size to conserve water better.

Scientific studies are showing that classic Sonoran Desert plants, such as foothills paloverde and ocotillo will decline in population.(click here for article)

Climate Change and Sonoran Desert Plants

Foothills paloverde, a signature plant of the Sonoran Desert, may be declining in population.

Eriophyllum lanosumClimate change is causing desert annuals to bloom later.(click here for article)

Predictions indicate cacti populations may increase.


Desert annuals in Organ Pipe Cactus Natonal Park

By Beth Ann Krueger



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