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Cliff Diving

Cliff Divers are a group of people who for pleasure or competition dive into water from a high cliff.

GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONSHeights: around 22 – 27 meters for men, respectively around 18 – 23 meters for womenWater depth: Minimum 5 metersTake off point / platform: Front edge minimum 1 meter over the vertical drop lineSize: minimum length 0.75 meter, minimum width 0.75 meterSecurity: A minimum of 2 rescue scuba divers and standby medical team must be present.Athletes are not allowed to dive until the security staff is ready.No more than 3 people shall stay at on the platform at the same time.Dive positionsDuring the flight of the dive, one of the four positions may be specified:straight - with no bend at the knees or hips (the hardest of the three)pike - with knees straight but a tight bend at the hips (the median in difficulty of the three.) The open pike is a variant where the arms are reached to the side, and the legs are brought straight out with a bend in the hips.tuck - body folded up in a tight ball, hands holding the shins and toes pointed.(the easiest of the three)free - it is a common misconception that the free position is any sequence of the three other positions, although the free position is only for twisting dives, implying that the diver may for example bend their legs or curve at the waist, and points will not be deducted for doing so.

Important Cliff/High Diving Terms:Baranni – Used as an entry maneuver, a baranni is one forward somersault with ½ twist.Blind Entry - The last time the diver sees the water is at least half a somersault before entry and lines up “blind”.Interrupted Position - Interrupted dives incorporate a straight position after one somersault in tuck or pike position, and must be followed by at least one additional somersault in either tuck or pike position.Flying Position - Dives consisting of at least one complete somersault in the straight position for no less than ¼ of the somersault. The straight position must be followed by either tuck or pike position.Gainer: a dive in which the diver leave the board facing forward, and completes a full backwards somersault to enter the water feet first and with his back to the board.

Professional Cliff Divers wear either one-pice or speedo style swimsuits. Others may take the plunge fully clothed, wear helmets for protection, or wet suits for warmth.

Cliff Divers can be quite easily located. If you ever come across a high peak over a body of water, chances are there will be someone jumping off of it.

Thousands of spectators came out to watch the RedBull cliffdiving series in Antalya, Turkey this past spring. The diving platform stood 87' 11'' above the water. Most of the divers had gymnastic backgrounds and a whole lot of courage. They are thrill seekers. The divers at this event were all male and wore speedo swim bottoms. One of the first divers began his routine with a baranni. He completed multiple tucks from flying position and ended with a blind entry at about 55 mph. The dive was a sucess and much more advance than the gainer he competed with last year.


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