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Cliff Palace Side

This site dates back to 650 A.D.. A tribe of Puebloan Native Americans built this cite. It is located in Colorado in the Mesa Verde National park. The park was created to insure that the nearly 5,000 archaeological sites could be studied and restored.

People- 23 complete or almost complete human skeletons, as well as parcial remains from at least 11 other individuals. All of them apeared to have died around when the community left the sit, and atleast eight of the dead had died violently.Refuse- by the end of the 1200s the once ceremonial Kivas were being used as a place for refuse

Structures- both older style buildings that were built as early as 650 AD and newer style multistoried buildings built after 930 AD. Homes, storage rooms, and Kivas (gathering spaces for communities to have meetings and ceremonies.)Art-handprints above doorways and animalistic figures painted onto plastersFood- evidence of designated communal kitchens, place to pound miaze and evidence of fire.

What Archaeologists found

Cliff Palace Site in Mesa Verde National Park

Background Information

Due to the information and artifacts archaeologists have found on the Cliff Palace site, people now know much more about the culture of the people once living in the Cliff Palace site. It is now known that the residents moved away from the cite in about 850 AD and that they leter returned in 930 AD bringing with them different cultural ideas such as great houses and a system of trade into Mexico. It is also known that climate change caused a shortage of food that caused unrest among the society and finally caused them to move south to places like New Mexico which was warmer.


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