Clever Cockatoo

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Clever Cockatoo

Clever Cockatoo

On Nov. 6, 2012 The use of objects as tools has rarely been seen in the animal kingdom. Alice Auersperg and Birgit Szabo, both cognitive biologists at the University of Vienna, have observed this skill in a Goffin's Cockatoo for the first time. It makes and uses wooden tools to retrieve toys and food. The results are a piece of the puzzle in the development of intelligent behaviour. It was published in the journal Current Biology. Goffin's cockatoos are a highly playful and curious Indonesian cockatoo species. Therefore, biologists are now using them as a model species to investigate intelligent behaviour in birds. For the researchers it came as a surprise that Figaro used a tool at all, even that the he made it by himself. The most important observation was that the cockatoo, after having managed to make his first tool, knew what to do without hesitation in further experiments.



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