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Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, a strong willed fighter and queen. She married herbrother Ptolemy and ran Egypt with him until he turned on her and she was forced to flee Egypt. She fled to syria but wasnt ready to give up her rightful spot as Queen, and started to form and army of followers for her own attack on her brother

Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator

Marc Antony

Ptolemy XIII


Julius Caesar


Cleopatra, strong, poweful, MOTIVATED. Cleopatra only wanted what was best for her people. Once Ptolemy banished her she only thought about the greater good of the people of Egypt. She let nothing stop her to become the Queen.

Thoughtful, kind, and faithful. You might be thinking, how is Cleopatra faithful, she pushed her brother to drown himself and she was involved with 2 other guys while she was married. buts thats not what im talking about, Cleopatra had a "slave" from whe she was young girl she remaind faithfu to him as long as he was faithful to her, she also remained faithful to her people. She thought about them while she was trying to get her kingdom back. She was also kind to all of her followers and Apollodorus, her slave




Fun Facts1. She wasnt actually Egyptian, she was Greek Mcedonian2.She had 4 children, 1 with Ceasaer and 3 with Marc Antony3. She was born 69BC4. She died 30BCE5. She was 30 years old


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