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Cleopatra lived c.69 to 30 BC. Growing up Cleopatra was smart and cunning. She grew up reading and writing Greek but also knew other languages like Egyptian and Latin. Cleopatra's family had ruled over Egypt for almost 300 years. As a kid, she learned a lot about what being a pharoh meant from her father. At 18 when Cleopatra's father died she became queen sharing power with her brother Ptolemy XIIII.

About Cleopatra

Ptolemy XIIII's advisers convince him to declare war on his sister Cleopatra so he can have more power. While locked out of her palace, Cleopatra hides in a rug that is presented to the Roman leader, Ceaser. He falls in love with her. When they return to Rome with their child, people think they are plotting to become King and Queen so they assissinate Ceaser. Cleopatra and her son return to Alexandria, Egypt.

Cleopatra and Caesar

Later, Mark Antony was a co-ruler of Rome with Octavion. In 41 BC he invited Cleopatra to visit him hoping that she would give him money to help him become the only ruler of Rome.They fell in love upon meeting but Antony eventually left Cleopatra for Rome. There he married the other co-rulers sister. Even though he betrayed Cleopatra, he asks to meet her again. She agrees in fear that he could defeat her in battle. They meet and declare their love for each other again. They make a deal to support each other in expanding their empires. Soon they face attacks from Octavion, the other co-ruler of Rome. Octavion is winning the naval battle. Mark Antony is sad and defeated so he stabs himself. Soon after, the Romans capture Cleopatra. In order to avoid embarassment by the Romans she has a posionous snake bite her.

Cleopatra and Mark Antony

Fun Facts!1. Cleopatra was not Egyptian! She was born there but her origins are Macedonian Greece. 2. Cleopatra's best asset was not her beauty. She was actually very smart and spoke around a dozen languages! 3. There was a movie created after the Egyptian queen called Cleopatra in 1963. 4. Cleopatra was the last pharoh of Egypt! 5. Mark Antony and Cleopatra share a tomb. It has not been discovered but like many pharohs they were most likely buried with jewelry, food and other precious items.

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