Cleopatra VII

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Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra was one of the ancient queens of Egypt and she wasn't even Egytian. Cleopatra was Naredonian Greek, the last of the Ptolemies which was descended from a general of Alecander the Great. Cleopatra the VII was 18 years old when she became Queen of Egypt in the year 51 B.C. She rule with her brother Ptolemy XIII who was only 10. Ptolemy became her husband. It was only formality though since he was still a child.Cleopatra was strong wild, and ambitious she wanted to return her country to its formal glory. By the time Cleopatra was 20 Ptomemy's advisors had driven her out of Egypt. Cleopatra was determined to fight for the throne so she raised an army in suria and prepared to go to war against her brother.

In ancient times Cleopatra was widely seen as a threat to the established "natural" order in which men ruled and made policy and women knew their place. Her punishment for challenging this order was verbal attack, military defeat, death, the disolution of her kingdom and an eternal reputation as a schemina power-hungry woman. Cleopatra was 39 years old when she commited suicide. She arranged for a poisonous snake to be smuggled to her in a basket of figs. She then commits suicide by allowing the snake to bite her.

The last of ancient Egypt's pharaohs Cleopatra VII- was born in the country's capital, Alexandria in 69 B.C. Nothing specific is known about her life before she entered into a power struggle for the Egyptian throne at age nineteen or twenty ( in 49 B. C.). However it is possiible to reconstruct the political situation, family backround, structure, and physical and cultutal settings of the era of her youth. These elements provide key clues to the people, city, palace, lifestyle, political, and family problems that she knew as a child.

A picture of Cleopatra.

Drawing of Cleopatra.

Sculpture of Cleopatra's Brother.

Another drawing of cleopatra.

Cleopatra Book Cover.

Sculpture of Marc Anothony. (Cleopatra's Husband)


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