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Cleopatra book report Ainsley Holt

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to rule a ancient civilization? Cleopatra did she was 3rd in line to rule Egypt and was willing to do anything to seize the throne. As a child Cleopatra was blocked out from the outside world. Until she was 15 years old she had never seen the kingdom [she was determined to rule over.] that she would rule over once Bernice her older sister was murderd . When Bernice died Cleopatra and her younger half brother become joint rulers. Cleopatra was dethroned after bad rumors about her spread and she fleed to Syria. A few years later Cleopatra secretly returns to Egypt and instantly fell in love with Julies Caeser. Ceaser was helping her younger half brother in war and she was helped to be restored to throne . Luckily Cleopatra`s half brother sank because of his heavy gold armor and sank during battle. This was an advantage to her because now she ruled every thing instead of half of it. Cleopatra maried Ceaser and had a son. Ceaser returned to Rome and was murdered. So Cleopatra married Mark Anthony. [Cleopatra was not the most atractive so you are wondering "Why is Ceaser so in love with this girl?" Well he was probably attracted to her by her wealth , amount of popularity , vast knowledge and amount of food] Cleopatra comited suisied on August 12th 30 BC.


69 or 70 BC. - Cleopatra was born 57 BC - Her father goes away for a war and her sister Bernice takes the throne55 BC - Bernice is executed and Cleopatra shares the throne with her younger half brother49BC -Bad rumors about Cleopatra spread , flees to Syria48BC -restored to throne whith help from Caesar 46 BC - gives birth to son 44 BC-Her husband is murderd41 BC -Meets Mark Anthony31 BC -Cleopatra commits suicide

Some of Cleopatra`s greatest accomplishments where..-Fluently spoke 9 languages at the age of 5 -Cleopatra and her half brother become joint rulers of Egypt-Made a cure for baldness:"Of domestic mice , burnt , one part;...of horse`s teeth , burnt , one part of bear`s grease , one part of deer marrow , one part reed bark , one part.To be pounded when dry and mixed with lots of honey; and the bald part rubbed with this mixture till it sprouts."

Famous Qoute

"Words can not express . . . how bitterly we are hated among foreign nations beause of the outrageous conduct of the men whom we have sent to govern them" -Cleopatra VII Philopator


Ainsley Rae Holt

Cleopatra Vll Philopator



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