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Roberto Clemente was born in Carolina Puerto Rico. When he was 18 he joined the Puerto Rican professional baseball team.He then signed with the DOdgers in 1954. After that, he played with the Pirates from 1955-1972.


1934- born1954 - Roberto joined PR Professional Baseball team1954 - was signed by Brooklyn Dodgers1955-72 - Played with Pirates1966 - National League MVP1971 - World Series MVP1973- was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by the US Congress for his "outstanding athletic, civic,charitable and humanitarian contributions."1973 - died

- first hispanic player to get 3000 hits- clemente won the caribbean world series- selected for the National Leage All Star team 15 times- won 12 GoldGlove Awards- had the highest National Leauge batting avrage for 4 years- became a union leader and defended players rights- he was the first Latin American player elected to the baseball hall of fame-Roberto Clemente is known for helping others in need of food and supplies

Lasting Impact

Clemente died in a plane crash on December 31,1972 while he was on his way to bring food and supplies to Nicaragua for people who survived the earthquake. He was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973.

By Keenan and Luke Burgos

Thank you Mr. Kracik for the wonderful gift (the Roberto Clemente bat). We are thankful to have it. Keenan and Luke

Roberto Clemente



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