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Social Studies
Ancient History

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#1 Who

Cleisthenes was Born in 570 B.C.EAthens Died in 507 B.C.EHis Grandfather had the exact same name. cleisthenes sicyonHis nickname was "Father of democracy" because he introduced democracy into Athens.

#2 What

#5 When

Cleisthenes lived in the golden age time piriod. this was when Greece flourished.

Cleisthenes controbutions effected Greek society because it changed the government of Athens.Cleisthenes made so much of a differance to Greek society, that he acctualy affected now a day western politics.

#3 How#4 Why


He was an Athenian noble who lived his whole life in Athens.Cleisthenes influenced other nearby city-states, and introduced them to democracy

Cleisthenes contributions to Greek society were that he introduced Athens to democracy.He did this by making everyone his companion. people could then have a voice. He also introduced outsucism.

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