Clean Code

by DeenaKelly
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Clean Code

B to C Bottom Up Core ProductTeachers: invite colleagues, add students creating "school" or multi user licenseParents: add students - homeschooling, as a member of class/school/District LicenseB to B: District /School Purchase

Core product and a more generic dashboard would open additional markets, allowing initial purchase of core product and account contol, invite colleagues, build groups without studentsWould also allow penetration to college market: 19.7M students potential to register for core product

Create a class/group

Communication Center

Add Students

Invite Colleague(s)


Personal Glog Gallery

Glog Gallery*Individual*Class(s)*School*District

Glogpedia Resource Library

Create a Glog

Public Glogs searchable by subject, topic and KEYWORD making tags real and usable within a powerful search

Individual Users can register as:StudentTeacherParent

Admin Controls

Create an Assignment

Create a Presentation



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