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Clean Chlorine

Clean Chlorine






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Emsley, J. (2014). Chlorine- element information prperties and uses: Periodic table. Retrieved from Periodic table of elements: Los alamos national laboratory. (2014). Retrieved from

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- Chlorine is important in everyday life. - I use chlorine to clean my pool in the summer. -Also, I clean my clothes with chlorine if I have mud or grass stains.- When you eat and use salt, you are eating sodium chloride. (Which is sodium mixed with chlorine.)

- Chlorine could be used in making safe drinking water all over the world. Even the smallest water supplies are chlorinated.- Extensively used in paper products, dyestuffs, textiles and other commonly used consumer products.- Used in pools to kill mucus membranes and other harmful bacterias, and sterilized pools enough to swim on without harming our bodies.- Used in the extraction of Bromine.- Produces one form of synthetic rubber when substituted for hydrogen.- Commonly forms with sodium to create salt used in food.


Name: ChlorineSymbol: ClAtomic Number: 17Atomic Mass: 35 amuProtons: 17Neutrons: 18Electrons: 17

-Chlorine is placed in the Halogen Family -Comes from Greek work chloro, which means greenish yellow - In 1774 C.W. Scheele discovered chlorine when he heat hydrochloric acid with manganese in Uppsala, Sweden. - In 1807, Humphry Davy investigated further into chlorine. In 1810, he announced that chlorine really was an element. - Chlorine was also used as a war gas in 1915.




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