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Claudius was born on August 1, 10 BC he had two older siblings Germanicus and Livilla. His mother Antonia may have had two other children who died young. He was the first Roman Emperor to be born outside of Italy and was born in the region now known as France in 10 BC.Also, the second emperor of Rome was his uncle. Claudius had two children by his wife Messallina- Britannicus and Octavia. In 48 AD his wife went through a marriage ceremony with the consul silius as part of a plot against Claudius. Claudius was constanly forced to shore up his position this resulted in deaths of many senators. As emperor he took several steps to legitimize his rule against potential usurpers most of them emphasizing his place within the Julio- Claudian family. On October 13, 54 AD claudius died after being poisoned probably on the orders of Agrippina who feared claudius would appoint Britannicus his heir over his son Nero then nero became emperor.


- born on august 1, 10 BC -In 9 BC his farther unexpectedly died on campaign in germania -He was born in Lugdunum in Gaul, the first Roman Emperor to be born outside of Italy -He died on october 13, 54 AD-After his death in 54 AD at age of 63, his grand-nephew and adopted son Nero succeeded him as Emperor -Claudius was Roman emperor from 41 to 54 AD.

He improved the judicial system and also picked who was to be the quaestors.Claudius abolished the treason trials, burned many prison files, and destroyed the infamous stock of poisons that caligula collected and stored.Claudius also altered the management of the state treasury.He also, conquered Great Britian

Lasting Impact

He cleaned up the general disarray that the empire had fallen into during Caligula's rule and became the first emperor to conquer Britain. He also helped to expand more women rights, gives civilizations (meaning people who wanted to join Rome he would except them as rome citizen too) and also he made a law to protects sick slaves.


- He was married four times, after two failed betrothals- He wrote copiously throughout his life - He became emperor shortly after his nephew was assassinated by his bodyguard, on January 24, A.D. 41.- was buried in the Mausoleum of Augustus





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