Claudius Ptolemy

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Claudius Ptolemy

Ptolemy discussed epicycles and the geocentric model in his Almagest.

Not much is known about Ptolemy's life , except that he was a great mathemetician and astronomer.

Ptolemy created the Almagest, a treatise that "explained" the motion of other planets and stars, while causing the geocentric theory to be widely accepted.

Claudius Ptolemy

Ptolemy was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 90 A.D. He died in 168 A.D., in Egypt.

He was one of the earliest, and most influential astronomers.

Geographia, Optics, and Harmonics were other treatises Ptolemy wrote that studied geography, light, and music theory.

Ptolemy also was one of the first to study astrology, and he created horoscopes.

Ptolemy laid the foundation for future astronomers and mathemeticians, although his work would be later proven incorrect.

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