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Claudius Ptolemy

BioClaudius Ptolemy was born around 85A.D in Egyptand died around 165A.D also in Egypt.Not much is know about him but, his name Claudius Ptolemy is a mix of Greek, Egyptian and Roman. So he is probably ether Greek, Egyptian or RomanDuring his life Ptolemy spent most of time studing and working in Alexandria, Egypt.

InterestingFactsPtolemy did more than study space he also made world maps and wrote music. His maps were used by Christopher Columbus.

What Ptolemy thought the Universe looked like.

Why is Ptolemy Famous (WANTED)Ptolemy was a famous geographer, mathematician, and astronomer. He is really famous for one of his many books The Almagest, a series of 13 books that described space, planets, the moon, the sun and stars. In this book Ptolemy uses the popular theory that the Earth is at the center of the Universe. When Ptolemy studied the planets he noticed there path was not even, they seemed to be orbiting something as they orbited the Earth (Sun). He called this the planet's Epicycle. This was important to predicting the location of the planet. Using this system of Epicycles and complicated math equations Ptolemy created a system the "Planetary Theory" that can estimate the location of a planet. Although we know that the planets orbit the Sun not the Earth the "Planetary Theory" still works to this day.

WANTEDClaudius Ptolemy

"The Earth is at the centre of all the cosmos."

An Epicycle

One of Ptolemy's World Maps

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