Claudius Ptolemaeus

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Claudius Ptolemaeus


Claudius Ptolemaeus(100AD-170AD)Egyptian Geographer/Astronomer and Mathematician.

Macie HornbacherWorld History12/16/14


The "Ptolemic System" was created by Ptolemy and an Alexandrian astronomer. The entire system is basically about the Earth being the stationary center of the universe and that all heavenly bodies (sun, moon, stars, and planets) travel in a perfect circular path around the earth.

MathematicianPtolemy's is very famous for his work in trigonometry. Ptolemy worked with the lengths of the chords in a circle. He also used formulas in spherical trigonometry. Ptolemy also explored the ideas of Pthagoreanism.

AstronomerPtolemy strongly believed in his book the "Almagest." He thought that it's subjects could be explained with mathematics. Ptolemy thought that the Earth was a stationary sphere, while the sun, moon, stars, and other planets circled around it. Though Ptolemy's observations have proven to be false, it does not discredit his other works in the astronomical field.

GeographyPtolemy was known as a corrector of previous discoveries. His geography can be found in 8 books about places, latitudes, countries, tribes and calculations of the earth's surface area. He based his geographical work on the maps of Marinus of Tyre.


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