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Claudio Monteverdi



Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi Claudio Monteverdi was born on May 15,1567in Cremona Lombardy. HIs father Baldassare Monteverdi was a doctor, apothecary, and an amateur surgeon. Claudio was the oldest of 5 children. He was a composer, gambist, singer, and a Roman Catholic priest. He studied at the University of Cremona. His first music was written for publication. He developed two individual styles of composition---the heritage of Renaissance polyphony and the new basso continuo technique of the Baroque period. He worked as many things. He worked as a singer and violist for the court of Mantua then as a music director. He then went on and became a vocalist and viol player for the court of Vincenzo l of Gonzaga in Mantua. In 1602 he became a court conductor. Claudio married Claudia cattaneo who worked as a court singer in 1599. They had two sons (Francesco and Massimilino) and a daughter(Leonora), another daughter died shortly after birth. His wife Claudia died in September 1607. In 1613 he moved to San Marco in venice and became a conductor where he restored the musical standard of both the choir and the instrumentalists. The standard had declined due to finacial mismanagement of his predecessor. In 1632, Claudio became a priest. Often sick during the last years of his life, Claudio composed his last two masterpieces (Il ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria and L'incoronazione di Poppea). He died in Venice at the age of 76 and was buried at the Church of Frari.

Music Review

Claudio Moteverdi - The Eighth Book Of Madrigals, Lamento della NinfaClaudio Monteverdi's Lamento della Ninfa was performed beautifully at last nights concert. It was calming and soothing. It's siren-like singing stirred up many emotions when listening like love and hurt. It is sung by both men and women. Their voices blend together as one and in unison.. The singing went very smooth with very little mistakes in the whole performance. Even though Claudio died many years ago his work is still performed on many stages because his work is truly amazing. The performance surely did not dissapoint the audience last night. -K.B.

Monteverdi, Claudio Giovanni Antonio passed away peacefully at the age of 76 in Venice on November 29, 1643. He was buried at the Church of Frari. He was survived by his 3 children. He was predeceased by his wife. He accomplished many things in his life. He had many abilities when it came to music not only was he a composer but he was also a gambist, singer, and Roman Catholic priest. Claudio wrote a total of nine madrigal books and at least 18 operas. Much of his music is still performed today. He left a big impact and influenced many people with his works. His operas retained a place in modern repertoire and was called the most influential and famous specimens of the early Baroque opera. He was a loving father, husband and son to his family. He was a great man. Many people were devastated by his death but it was his time to leave us.


A Poem

Claudio MonteverdiSinging on the stageComposing all the timeTrying to please everyoneInspiring many Gained fame through it all Died alone But always remembered

If one were to name the composer that stiches the seams between the Renaissance and the Baroque it would be Claudio Monteverdi.


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