[2015] ClaudiaHMMS: Claudia Hernandez

by yourteach
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Language Arts

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[2015] ClaudiaHMMS: Claudia Hernandez

Wilona and Daniel(Kennys parents) are acting strange because 1st of all, Wilona starts writing and subtracting numbers in her notebook. 2nd of all, Daniel goes around town buying stuff for the Bown Bomber, the car now looks as good as knew( plus they added a smelly green old pine tree). Kenny thinks his parents are suspicious. On a Saturday morning, Daniel surprises the kids,Byron,Joey,Kenny, and (not a kid)Wilona, with the newest edition of a record player, the Ultra GLIDE!Wilona gets mad on how much money Daniel probably spent on it and leaves but then comes back with an excuse to oin the fun.Each person plays their favorite songs(Kennys favorite was Yakety Yak) for 2 hours all together, they are amazed on how it sounds. Wilona and Daniel spoil the fun and tell the ''bad news'' about going to Alabama, Birmingham for the whole summer and sending Byron to live with Grandma Sands for his bad behavior/attitude or more if he doesn't improve. Kenny is happy about it but Byron, not-so-much.


Claudia Hernandez


The Ultra-Glide!


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