Claudette Colvin

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Claudette Colvin

*Claudette Colvin is written by Phillip Hoose, with excerpts and inputs from Claudette Colvin.*This book was all about Claudette Colvin's life: her young years, schooling, happiness, hardships, determination, love, and accomplishments. *Her story will shock and surprise you, but will give you confidence and encouragement to stand up for what you believe in, and what is right for the world.*Claudette Colvin is a must-read.


Claudette ColvinBy: Phillip Hoose

*September 5, 1939- Claudette was born*September 5, 1952- Delphine (sister) passed away from Polio, on Claudette's 13th birthday, two weeks before she attended Booker T. Washington.*May 17, 1954- Brown vs. Board of Education*March 2, 1955- Claudette was arrested*March 29, 1956- Claudette's first child was born.*May 11, 1956- 14th Amendment: Browder vs. Gayle*December 2, 1955- Rosa Parks did not give up her seat.*June 19, 1956- The Boycott case would appeal to the U.S Supreme Court.*December 20, 1956- Law passed & busses became integrated.

*Claudette is the person who made the most memorable impression, biggest impact, and played the hugest part in the court case against Jim Crow on the Montgomery buses, to stop segregation. *Claudette continues to live her life.*She now travels to schools to speak about her experience.

Important People

"To me, God loved everyone. Why would he curse just us?" - Claudette Colvin


Hoose, Phillip. (2009). 'Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice.' Canada, Douglas & McIntyre Ltd.

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