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Claudette Clovin

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"We were supposed to be an English literature class, but Miss Nesbitt used literature to teach real life. She said she didn't have time to teach us like a regular English teacher--we were too far behind. Instead, she taught us the world through literature.” ― Phillip M. Hoose, Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice

Claudette Colvin was a normal 15-year-old girl riding the bus home from school. On that particular day, the bus driver asked everyone in her row to move. Everyone but she did. She was well into the blacks' section and there were empty seats in the whites' section. She felt that she was far enough back to not have to move. The bus driver threatened to call the police, and he did. When the police came, Colvin still refused to get up and argued that it was her constitutional right to sit there, and she would not get up. The police dragged her out of her seat, and crying, she resisted. She was charged with a criminal offence and sent to jail. She was bailed out by the pastor of her curch. At her trial, she was placed under probation in the care of her parents for refuseing a police officer. The verdict shook the nation, blacks were the closest to a breakthrough that they had ever been before.

The pastor of Colvin's church took a special interest in her case. He was looking for a person to end segregation, as he worked for the NAACP. He cosidered Colvin breifly, and then decided that she was much too young and too prone to emotional outbursts to be the one to integrate the busses. Little did he know that he would find someone to fulfill his reqirement very soon.

Colvin helped to integrate busses before Rosa Parks. Now, if you travel to Montgomery Alabama, where she lived, you can hop on a bus anywhere in the city, and sit anywhere you like, regardless of what you look like.

A Newspaper Article About Her Arrest

What She Looks Like Now

What She Looked Like Then


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