Claude Monet

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Claude Monet

BiographyDate Of Birth: November 14, 1840Date Of Death: December 5, 1926Cause of Death: Lung CancerSpouses: Camille Doncieux who gave birth to 2 children then died of teburculosus & Alice Hoschede who came after Camille, cared for his children til she died 1911.INTERSETING FACTS:~ Monet Died at the age of 86~ Monet tried to commit suicide by drowning himself because his financial burdens were upsetting him so badly.~ He was an Impressionist Artist~ His Painting Bassin aux nympheas was bought at a price of 41 million dollars, which is the highest price payed for one of his paintings.

Claude MonetImpressionist

This painting is one of the Japanese Bridge in Monet's FLower Garden. It's called White Water Lillies.


By Bailey Kisch

These paintings are called:Impression: Sunrise&Manneporte (Etretat)

self portrait


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