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claude monet project

Claud Monet was born November 14th, 1840 in Paris, France and died December 5th, 1926. Monet met Eugène Boudin, a landscape artist, the mentor who first showed Monet outdoor painting. Claude Monet took a brief break from his artistic pursuits to serve in the military in Algeria from 1860 to 1862.

Claude's Life

Monet belongs to the tradition of Renaissance illusionism.Claude based his art on perceptual rather than conceptual knowledge.

Claude's Paintings

He was known as the "archetypal Impressionist". His devotion to the ideals of the movement where said to be "unwavering".

Some of Monet's most famous paintings were one's of water lilies or women.

Claude Monet Started to lose his eyesight near his death. But he continued to paint and he even made a self-portrait.

Claude Monet


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