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Claude McKay

Claude McKay was born in Nairne Castle, Jamaica on September 15, 1890. He was the youngest child of Thomas Francis McKay and Hannah Ann Elizabeth Edwards. they were farmers. McKay left for the U.S. in 1912. He went to two colleges before moving to New York and marring Eulalie Lewars. He visited London, England in 1919. Claude McKay also traveled to Russia. He became a cathholic and then finaly became an american citizen in 1940. Claude McKay died of a heart attack in Chicago, Illinois, on May 22, 1948.

Best Poem

1. September 15, 1890 - Claude McKay was born2. March 11, 1906 - went to trade school3. December 13, 1909 - mother died4. December 12, 1912 - moved to America5. 10 Aug 1914 - Clause McKay went to Kansas State University6. 10 Jul 1940 - found out that he had a heart disease7. 22 May 1948 - died of heat disease

Alfonso Dressing to Wait at TableAlfonso is a handsome bronze-hued lad Of subtly-changing and surprising parts; His moods are storms that frighten and make glad, His eyes were made to capture women's hearts. Down in the glory-hole Alfonso sings An olden song of wine and clinking glasses And riotous rakes; magnificently flings Gay kisses to imaginary lasses. Alfonso's voice of mellow music thrills Our swaying forms and steals our hearts with joy; And when he soars, his fine falsetto trills Are rarest notes of gold without alloy. But, O Alfonso! wherefore do you sing Dream-songs of carefree men and ancient places? Soon we shall be beset by clamouring Of hungry and importunate palefaces.


Jamaican Institute of Arts and Sciences, Musgrave MedalHarmon Foundation AwardJames Weldon Johnson Literary Guild Award


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Claude McKay




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