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Classroom Rules

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If you don´t follow this rule this will happen:

Look how pretty and organized this cabinet is!

Students are responsible of keeping equipment and tools in good condition and in the appropriate place.


Food and Beverages should be left outside the Sci-Tech Lab.

Could you survive a week without your phone?

Cellular phones will be confiscated if brought to the Sci-Tech lab and given to Coordination office.

Only documents related to the class and with the teachers authorization.

Nobody wants detention! You better clean up your harbor!

Everything has an assigned place, even backpacks!

And most important of all....

Backpacks should be at assigned place.

Would you like this under your desk?

Gum should be thrown away before entering the Sci-Tech lab.

Students will make a weekly check on Harbor cleanup.

From this to this? I think its a bad idea.

Students are responsible for their personal items while in the Sci-Tech lab.

Printing is intended for Lab documents only with the teacher’s authorization.

Headsets must be worn when working at your harbor.

Students must be engaged in their Suites work at all times.

-Be Respectful-Be Responsible-Be Honest-Be Kind

By: Caty Gzz 9E #12


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