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Classroom Rules

Engagemant ActivitiesGrading Papers: Once a week I would help Mrs. Stewart grade the students papers. Each time I visited the subject of the worksheet would change.Tutoring: I would tutor a young boy almost every week during their math lesson. This woudl help the young boy stay focused on the subject.Management Problem Areas1. Monitoring Students: This would become a problem area during any part of the day. It can happen during group instruction or during ondividual seatwork.2. Bringing Closure: This occurs when a lesson or the day has come to an end. This tends to be more of a teacher problem area more than students.

1) Be Prompt2) Respect Authority 3) Respect the Rights of Others4) Respect Property5) Display a Concern for Learning

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Classroom Setup

Classroom Rules

Mrs. Stewart's

1st Grade Class

Aloma ElementaryKelsey Hansen

Teacher Demographics- Teaching for 34 years- BS in Early Childhood Ed.-MED in School Admininstration and Supervison- Has Reading Certificate in Reading Recovery

Classroom Procedures:1. Raise your hand: Whenever the students have a question or comment the children must raise their hand. The teacher will then notice that they have something to ask. Before she will call on themthey have to be quiet and sitting nicely.2. Bathroom: The children are allowed to use the bathroom anytime they need to. However, they do need to get up quietly and return as quickly as possible.3. Lunch: When the teacher announces that it is lunchtime, the children know that they need to line up at the door and grab their lunchboxes from the bin. As they walk out the door they are to take a baby whip from Mrs. Stewart to clean their hands.


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