Classroom Management 2020

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Classroom Management 2020

Classroom Management

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After watching the videos on this page, develop your plan for classroom management. Be sure to include the following: Opening/Closing Procedures, Safety Rules, and Strategies for Management (e.g. seating charts, cell phones, getting materials and supplies), Participation, Redirecting Students, Providing Praise and Feedback, Working with Parents, Etc.

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Take a moment and think about...What does a well-manged classroom look like? sound like?Is it discipline vs. management?

Learn more about classroom management by reading...

The Key to Classroom ManagementBy Robert J. Marzano and Jana S. MarzanoEducational LeadershipBuilding Classroom Relationships Pages 6-13September 2003 | Volume 61 | Number 1

Ten Tips for Classroom Management by Edutopia1.Build Community2.Design a Safe, Friendly, and Well-Managed Classroom Environment3.Include Students in Creating Rules, Norms, Routines, and Consequences4.Create a Variety of Communication Channels 5.Always Be Calm, Fair, and Consistent6.Know the Students You Teach7.Address Conflict Quickly and Wisely8.Integrate Positive Classroom Rituals9.Keep It Real10.Partner with Parents and GuardiansAdditional ideas...New Teachers: Classroom-Management Fundamentals

Developed by Dr. Karen L. Alexander, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Texas Tech UniversityCreated June 2013, Updated August 2020

Watch the video at the following link to find out what a new teacher learned about her classroom management,

Video Shorts On Classroom Management

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