Classroom Environment

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Classroom Environment

Classroom EnvironmentDomain 2

Set up a classroom so students can see the teacher.Set up a classroom so the students can see the board.Be well-organized in your classroom and the lessons.

Organizing Physical Space

Respectful talk and turning towards someone when they are talking.Respect others around you and the teacherBe open, warm and caring towards other students and teachers.Always be an active listener

A teacher should set up their classroom before hand.!Know what activity is next!Beware of where each student is!Be well-organized!Have other students help each other!

Managing Classroom Procedure

Creating an Environment of Respect

Being positive but putting your foot down when needed!Praise when done well or how well they don't do!Even if you mess up it'll be okay!Do not quit!

Establishing a Culture for Learning

If a procducer falls apart, this is when the students act out; be well organized.Have students help students!Have teachers help students!Alwasy force rules!

Managing Student Behavior


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