CLassifying Minerals Lab

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CLassifying Minerals Lab

CLassifying Minerals Lab

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Venn Diagram

The two minerals i compaired were calcite and talc. Calcite is rectangular, hard, slightly heavy, has rough edges, clear, and more dense than water, Talc is flat and rectangular, light, flaky, soft, very smooth, irredessent tan, and less dense than water. The things these minerals both have in common are that they are both minerals, they both have good cleavage, and have a shiny luster.


What happened?

The rocks and minerals I calssified are corundum, calcite, quartz, dolostone, talc, peat, and pyrite.

Based on the physical prpoerties of the minerals, what type of mineral did you classify each as? Choosing two of the minerals, how would you compair and contrast their physical properties?

First I filled out an observation chart; noting the color, texture, size, shape, hardness, luster and cleavage of each mineral. I used a magnifine glass in order to look at the small details of each mineral. Next, I searched online for the type of minerals with similar characteristics in order to put a name to each. For the compair and contrast chart I randomly picked two minerals without looking. I observed them with the magnifine glass and used my sensed to determine how they were different and what they had in common.


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