Classical Greece

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Classical Greece

Time Line:776 BC- The first Olympics Games was held534 BC- Thespis became the worlds first actor508 BC- The government system of democracy was created480 BC- Themistocles was forced to surrender to the Persian King Xerxes.469 BC- The famous philosopher of Classical Greece, Socrates, was born447-438 BC- The famous structure, Parthenon, was completed after nine years in the making. 430 BC- the plague hits in Athens430-429 BC- Perciles did by the plague that swept through Athens.405 BC- Athens was defeated by Sparta431-404 BC- The Peloponnesian War took place between the Athenian Empire and the Spartans. 404-337 BC- Democracy in Athens had finally comes to an end leaving Greece in Philip's son, Alexander the Great.

Classical Civilization:A period of cultural history that was mainly on the Mediterranean Sea

Political SystemA democratic political system was introduced to Greece in 500 B.C. Before they had a democratic political system, the Athenian power layed in the hands of a council of people who were elected to office. This was known as a Oligarchy.

Belief SystemIn Ancient Greece, their belief system was polytheistic. This means that they believed in more than one god.

Trade NetworkUsed the Mediterranean Sea to help them with trading. Also, they traded a lot of wine for wheat around the Black Sea

Classical Greece

Decline of Civilization:The decline of the civilization was mainly the Peloponnesian War. This war took place between the Athenian empire and the Spartans. Sparta eared that the Athenian power would grow and prosper, letting the Athens control most of the Mediterranean region. However, towards the end of the war, the Spartans planned a large attack against the Athenian empire, forcing them to back out from Greece's mainland.

Geography:Sparta was a small town located near the Evrotas river, in the centre of the Peloponnese in South Greece.

Lasting Legacy:The Greeks used three types of architectural systems called orders. The three orders were called Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The toric style is a style that is very sturdy but also very plain. This style was mostly used in Greece's mainland, and the colonies in southern Italy and Sicily. Ionic is a style that is more elegant. The capital is a scroll like design and this order was mainly found in eastern Greece, and on the islands. Corinthian style was a very complicated pattern. This style was often found on the Roman temples.

Interesting Fact:The language that they spoke, which was Latin, was the base of almost all languages that are considered 'romance' languages.

Doric Ionic Corithian


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