November Class News

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November Class News

Spider Research:We have a Banded Garden Spider in our classroom. We keep it in a big nature-like environment. Some kids catch grasshoppers for our spider to eat. At first, we didn't know what kind of spider it was. Ms. West brought it in because she likes science and nature. Ms. West found what kind of spider it was by using her laptop. After that, she told the class what the spider was. Our class has learned that most spiders are harmless and that we should respect their lives. --Chris Banchero


The Spider ResearchIn class we are learning about spiders we found in gardens, grass, and trees. We are observing the spiders and figuring out what species they are, their diet, their habitat, and what kind of web they make. We are going to make a museum in the classroom with our spiders. Watch out for the next news letter for more information on our spider museum. --Joseph Madden

Get Ready to dive into the holiday spirit because at 7:00 , PM McKinley Thatcher will be hosting a play directed by Benjamin Herman. More good news! The whole fifth grade will be participating with Skyler Reading as the main character. As I said before, get ready to join us in the holidays at the play. We wish to see you all there. HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!Information:What: a Christmas playDate: December 9, 2010When: 7:20 PMWho: the fifth grade classDirected by: Benjamin Herman --Sierra Romero

Researching SpidersWe have a banded garden spider in our classroom in a nice big environment. The kids sometimes would catch grasshoppers for our spider. At first we had no idea what kind of spider it was. But one day during science time, Ms. West told everyone she found it. After that, we have been researching on our laptops at science time and with books. Each group had a spider to write a couple paragraphs on. One of the spiders died so Ms. West put it under the microscope. I was surprised at what I was hairy and the eyes looked so red. I would say it looked like a very hairy monster with eight legs. --Ian Lau

BalaratThis year we went to Balarat. We got to do some really fun activities like the zipline. We stepped out of our comfort zone and faced some of our fears. We also did a compass course. We had to look at a piece of paper and had to take as many steps as it directed. We had to move the compass around so we could know where to go. We got to do a very dark night walk in the woods. We waited for Mr. Eric to tap our shoulder. After he tapped our shoulder, we had to say yes if we wanted to walk by ourselves and say no if we wanted to walk with him.At Balarat we also got to do chores. We had to wash the dishes, make lunch and help clear the tables. It was kind of fun and boring at the same time.--Karime Peregrino-Duarte

Science StuffSo far this year in sciencee, the kids in Mrs. West's class have made mini boomerangs and flip flops (which are like mighty beanz). We have studied water samples from City Park, researched spiders, and best, made rockets. We used film canisters and wrapped construction paper around them in a rocket shape. Water and Alkaseltzer was our fuel. When Alkaseltzer is in water in a closed space, it fizzes up and creates pressure. The pressure builds up and launches the rocket. Now don't freak out! They didn't go into space, but some went almost as high as the big tree. We discovered that the tiny rockets with no fins went the highest. Ours almost went the hightest, but it had fins. Carson and Meena's rocket won the great victory. ROCKETS ARE REALLY COOL! --by Hannah Patrick and Molly Worford

Room 203 ExcelsThis year so far our class has been doing good in reading and math. During reading students are quiet. They also focus on their books and don't interrupt each other. It gives us a lot of time to enjoy our books. During math, students are focusing on learning. They share their understanding with their tablemates. Thiis can help students understand concepts. Room 203 really understands how to act in reading and math--by Jerod Fink

Room 203 November News


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