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Class Dismissed

Class Dismissed by Allan Woodrow

What happens if you are in the fifth grade, and after a science experiment goes wrong, your teacher decides to quit? That is what happened to class 507 ! After a vinegar volcano exploded on her new shoes, Ms. Bryce gets really mad! She calls Principal Klein's office and resigns immediately. Principal Klein never gets the message so all of a sudden Class 507 has NO TEACHER! 5 students tell a story of what happens next. At first everyone is so happy not to have mean Ms. Bryce and they all goof off and play. They throw erasers, read magazines and do whatever they want. Then they realize it’s not so easy to not have a teacher, and it’s not easy to keep the secret from their parents and the rest of the school. Each student learns something they didn’t know about themselves before. They learn to work together and rely on each other. They learn that being a teacher is hard work!

The setting of this book is a 5th grade classroom. The class number is 507. In the classroom there are chairs and rows of desks, a chalkboard, lots of erasers and a pet hamster named Soda. Oh, and the classroom smells like vinegar from the science experiement that went wrong.


Plot Summary


My Opinion of the BookI really liked this book. It was funny and I liked learning about how the different characters all tell a piece of the same story. Its hard to imagine not having a teacher in the room for 2 whole weeks and not getting caught. I think it’s funny that the students end up missing Ms. Bryce and missing having a regular schedule in the class.

There are five main characters in this book. they are Kyle, Samantha, Maggie, Adam and Eric. They all take turns of telling the story. Kyle is silly, he goofs off in class and at home. He is big and people think he is a bully, but he wants to help and be responsible. Samantha likes fashion. Her parents have a lot of money. She wants things to be perfect. Her friends don't like when she tells them what is wrong with them. Maggie studies a lot and is bossy. She wants to go to Harvard University. Maggie puts herself in charge of the class and gives them homework and tests. She realizes that she needs help, and being a teacher is hard. Adam is always getting in trouble and sent to the principal's office. He dosen't mean to get in trouble. He likes to doodle on his desk, and does it everytime. Eric is shy and dosen't want to stand out. He likes to write stories and has good ideas. He learns its better to talk and share your ideas.


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