[2015] William Mills III: Clash of the Titans

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[2015] William Mills III: Clash of the Titans


The Tale of the Demigod Perseus

See Terrrifying Creatures

Based on the Greek tale of Perseus and his journey to become a king, Clash of the Titans is a tale of fantastic cities, powerful gods, and a cruelly cursed city. Perseus (Harry Hamlin) and his mother were thrown into the sea by the king of Argos, but are saved by his father Zeus (Laurence Olivier). As a man seeking a kingdom of his own, Perseus is enchanted by the beauty of the princess Andromeda (Judi Bowker) and fights to save her from the fiendish Caliphos. With powerful weapons from the gods, he must defeat Caliphos and the mighty Kraken before Andromeda is sacrificed. This quest forces Perseus to confront the sisters of Fate and the cursed beauty Medusa whose powers can bring about the ruin of even the last of the titans.

In his attempt to save Princess Andromeda, Perseus must face some of the most fearsome creatures of ancient Greece. Scorpions the size of grown men, a twisted fiend Caliphos, two-headed dogs, scorpions the size of a man and the deadly gorgon who’s gaze can turn any creature to stone. Perseus must face his greatest challenge in this adaptation to the classical myth, the Kraken. The last of the titans, the legendary kraken is truly his greatest foe. These creatures are brought to life by the special effects magic of Ray Harryhausen. See some of his greatest work in this epic Clash of the Titans!

Brought to life by Ray Harryhausen!


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