Clarrisa "Clara" Barton

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Clarrisa "Clara" Barton

Clara was born on Christmas day in 1821. Her father was a farmer and veteran of the Indian Wars, and her mother was a firm believer in womens' rights. When Clara was 11, her brother fell off a roof and becmae very sick. Clara nursed him back to health for two years, and this is when she learned that she really enjoyed taking care of people. Clara became a teacher at 17, and then later went to college to get a degree in education. She opened a school and then went to work in a patent office in Washington D.C. Near the beginning of the Civil War, many wounded soldiers arrived in D.C. so Clara nursed them back to health and became the "Angel of the Battlefield". While traveling overseas, Clara learned about the International Red Cross that helped wounded soldiers in the war. She wanted to bring the organization back to the United States, and after four years of working with the government to agree to it, Clara founded the American Red Cross in 1881. Clara was so impactful becuase she truly cared about other people and wanted to help her fellow citizens.


1821 - birth1832 - began "nursing"1838 - began teaching1851 - graduated college1860's - nurse in the Civil War1881 - founded the Red Cross1912 - death

Clara opened a free public school that had 600 studentsShe persuaded Abraham Lincoln to agree with womens' rightsShe was brave enough to help soldiers on the battlefieldShe worked hard to found the American Red CrossHer care for others has affected millions of people in need

Lasting Impact

The American Red Cross today aids people affected by natural disasters, provide lifesaving blood to people who have lost their own, serve military families, and helps internationally as well.


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Clarissa "Clara" Barton



Clara's Story

§113.14. Social Studies, Grade 3(11) Citizenship. The student understands characteristics of good citizenship as exemplified by historical and contemporary figures. The student is expected to: (B) identify historical figures such as Helen Keller and Clara Barton and contemporary figures such as Ruby Bridges and military and first responders who exemplify good citizenship


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