Clarissa's Division Project

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Clarissa's Division Project


A Complete Guide

100-24=4 r4






1. Eric's New Year's Resolution was to run 123 miles throughout one week. He doesn't want to overwork himself, so he plans on running an equal amount of miles every day. How many miles will he run each day? Hint: 1 week= 7 days

2. Lucia has 3 huge mug sculptures to decorate. She's got 29 gallons of paint to use, and each mug needs the same amount of paint. How many gallons does each mug need?

Division VocabularyTo do a division problem, you've got to know the vocabulary. There are four main ones: dividend, divisor, remainder and quotient. These all make up a complete division problem. The dividend is the number actually being split into groups. The divisor is the number of groups, while the quotient is the anwer, or amount in each group. The remainder is the part left over, that doesn't fit evenly into groups.

3. 8 2,367

Answer Key:Scroll down to see the answers.1. 17 r42. 9 2/3 or 9 r23. 295 r7

Division SignsDaddy, Mommy, Sister, Brother.Division, Multiplication, Subtraction,Bring the number up



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