Clara Wieck Schumann

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Clara Wieck Schumann

LIFEClara Josephine Wieck Schumann was born on 9/13/1896 in Leipzig, Germany. She started playing piano when she was just five. in 1830 she left for Paris. she was eleven years old. Around that time Robert Schumann started taking lessons with the Wieck family. They grew close and secretly got engaged. They told their parents but they didn’t bless their marriage since Clara was 9 year younger. They had 8 kids and their parent divorced. She died on 5/20/1896 Frankfurt, Germany.

Clara Wieck Shumann

MusicClara was a famous pianist and also played the violin. She played in the romantic era and played the violin and piano. She wrote songs like Das Veilchen, Mien Stern, Ballade op. 6 no. 4 (1836), Four Polonaises (for piano); Piano Concertino in F Minor; Piano Trio in G Minor, or Op. 17; Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 7. She also played song written by Beethoven and Mozart. She preformed in many different places. For example she preformed in England and Germany. Her father was her own piano teacher and that’s how she met Robert Schumann. They were put in the same class. She is Virgo. These are some interesting facts about Clara Schumann.

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She were a white dress every time she preformed

Played Violin And Piano

Romantic era

Married to Robert Schumann

Piano Concerto Op. 7


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