Gibbs (1988) Models of Reflection

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Gibbs (1988) Models of Reflection

Reflecting on this situation, I would have scheduled a parent conference a day before his first day of school; confer with him to get to know him and learn about his likes and dislikes; and discuss about his goals.

New student exhibited negative behavior in class: hit classmates; refused to read, write, draw, and color; refused to do group and independent work; and talked back to adults.

If a situation similar to this happened to other students, I would get to know them first; I would investigate the actual family situation, analyze interaction with other students and adults; give them a classroom job to help them increase their self-esteem and motivation; and celebrate their positive interpersonal skills.

Action Plan

Gibbs' Models of Reflection (1988)


After teaching and reinforcing social skills; incorporating activities for active listening, participation, communication; and teaching interpersonal skills, I felt frustrated, lost, and in need of support from other teachers.


New Non-ELL student enrolled in a DL classroom late February, 2013.

We learned that my new student loved baseball, and my staff support and I implemented strategies with baseball themed activities, poster charts, and sight word games to encourage him to retell stories, read fluently, and comprehend complex texts.

I began working closely with the school councelor, the reading interventionist, a paraeducator, the ELL teacher (even though he was not an EL's). They were scheduled to work with my new student all morning, every day to help him develop and increase his basic literacy skills.




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